The EB66® cell line is a proprietary embryonic stem cell-based technology for the production of a wide variety of human and veterinary viral and therapeutic vaccines.

It can be used for the manufacturing of inactivated viruses, live attenuated viruses, live vectors, and subunit vaccines.

Today, more than 20 different families of viruses have been shown to efficiently propagate in EB66® cells and more than 60 human and veterinary EB66®-based vaccines are currently being developed utilizing the technology in R&D and clinical phases.

The first human vaccine produced using the EB66® technology received marketing approval in 2014 and the first veterinary vaccine in 2012. The first veterinary vaccine produced in EB66® cells obtained licensure in 2012 and the H5N1 adjuvanted pandemic Influenza vaccine produced by the Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute (Kaketsuken) in collaboration with GSK on Valneva’s proprietary EB66® cell line program is currently in a New Drug application (NDA)-Phase in Japan.

Further licensing opportunities are available.
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