EB66® cell line technology

Valneva’s proprietary EB66® platform is available for research and commercial licensing. The duck derived EB66® cell line has the potential to replace the embryonated eggs, Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts (CEFs), and other historical substrates for the industrial manufacture of many human and animal viral vaccines. The EB66® platform is an advanced system that allows the production of viral vaccines that are compliant with the industrial and regulatory demands faced by vaccine developers today.

For more information on accessing the EB66® cell line please contact bd(at)valneva.com.

IC31® – a unique synthetic adjuvant

The unmet need in population groups which do not respond sufficiently to conventional vaccines due to an impaired immune response (e.g., the elderly) and the difficulties in eliciting meaningful responses to novel prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for indications such as malaria, tuberculosis and cancer increase the need for adjuvants such as IC31®.

It has been demonstrated in pre-clinical models that IC31® is a safe and potent adjuvant for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines, stimulating strong T-cell and B-cell immune responses and protective efficacy. Additionally, eight clinical trials have proven IC31® to be safe and immunogenic adjuvant in humans. Volunteers receiving IC31® have reported good local tolerance with no systemic adverse effects during clinical studies.

For more information on working with IC31® please contact

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