Valneva acquired the DUKORAL® vaccine in February 2015 to complement the Company’s vaccine portfolio of travelers’ vaccines.

DUKORAL® was first licensed in Sweden in 1991 and was granted a marketing authorization in Europe in 2004. Today, DUKORAL® is registered in numerous countries across the globe.

In support of the Company’s objective to directly control the commercialization of its products in key markets, Valneva created a subsidiary in Canada, DUKORAL®’s largest market, at the end of January 2015.

Valneva manufactures the vaccine at its fully owned site in Solna, Sweden. Valneva’s subsidiary, Valneva Sweden AB, is approved by EMA (centralised procedure), WHO and Canadian authorities. Valneva Sweden has extensive experience in vaccine production and other processes requiring Biosafety level 2. Valneva Sweden holds manufacturing licenses to produce medicinal drugs and to manufacture clinical trial material.

In 2018, revenues from DUKORAL®‘s product sales amounted to €30.4m.

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